Faust [Redacted]


Wikileaks. The NSA. Prism. Email metadata. Press regulation. “Gagging” laws. The control of information and the complex morality of revealing secrets have never been more urgent topics.

Faust [Redacted] is a new adaptation of Marlowe’s profound analysis of a man betrayed by the lure of hidden knowledge, and the powers that manipulate him and it. Skillful puppetry and bold staging open up Marlowe’s brash combination of high tragedy and broad comedy, and creative video design brings to life virtual worlds and the flow of information on stage.

An inventive and provocative combination of classic text and contemporary puppetry.


Adaptation by Beccy SmithLAT_FIRSTS_LOGO_COLOUR_RGB
Directed by Darren East
Design by Tim Sykes
Sound and video design by Foz Foster
Lighting by David Duffy
Performers Anthony Best & Zoe Hunter