Faust 2 shows

The Animal Who…  (Available to tour 2017)
Listen! There are secrets passed from beak to ear and sometimes stories fly on feathered wings…

The Smuggler!  (Available to tour)
Let’s travel back, back, back, through sands of time,

To here in this sweet village where we lay our scene:
The rather handsome high street of our very own Rottingdean!

Faust [Redacted]  (In redevelopment for 2017)
Here are the files on Bilderberg and drones,
The secret tapping of our mobile phones.
Networks of friendly ports for our rendition,
The names of media moguls plotting our submission.
Here is the silvery bridge that once I dreamt
Of information that could pause our descent.

Blue  (Available to tour)
The last time I saw her she had on her blue jacket with the hood…

Headcase  (2012-13)
Someone else is knocking at the door, there’s a face at the window, and whose is that finger creeping round the bedframe?

Me & the Sea  (Available to tour)
And that was when I knew. That something was about to happen, and I couldn’t stop it. That the sea would change everything.
Available to tour

Human Remains  (2009-10)
You’re a mug!