Darren and Miranda at the seaside

‘Our host Miranda, the rough-voiced drag puppet “with no strings attached”, pointed out most of these works were brand new – so there would be no refunds. Not that anyone would want one with the rich pickings on offer.’ – The Argus

Think you know puppetry? Think again.

Touched Theatre presents Brighton’s sell-out regular programme of home-grown puppetry talent: Punched. We have curated and produced Punched performances for partners including the Suspense Festival, the Old Market Theatre, the Marlborough Theatre, and the Nightingale Theatre.

Punched will be back on 4 & 5 December 2017 with yet another a night of brand new acts. Showcasing the incredible worlds of Brighton’s puppetry scene, expect visual treats, surprising stories and emotional encounters of the puppet kind, overseen by your host, the drag ex-marionette Miranda – book now!

Through Punched, we’ve had the privilege of developing and producing new work by artists including Colossal Crumbs, Inconvenient Spoof, Matthew Robins, Barely Human Puppets, Aya Nakamura, Bear Dog, Grist to the Mill, Mischa Twichin and more.

Here’s a little look at some past Punched work: