The Smuggler!

Surrender smugglers! Now give up your hoard
We’ll soon have caught you and we’ll climb aboard
We’ll nab your ill-got-gains – we’ll take the lot
And back at home we’ll put you in the stocks.

       A big wave rises

The rocks – beware the rocks, they’re hidden here
Our boat’s too big, I fear we’ll disappear
Oh no! Oh help! Oh, what are we to do?
I wish we’d ditched this giant ship and come out by canoe!

The Smuggler! (20 minutes) is an original toy theatre show, developed in partnership with SuggDavidson toy theatre makers, for audiences aged 5+ and inspired by the dramatic real histories of smuggling on the south coast. Drawing on the traditions of rhyming verse and outlandish performance perfected by the original toy theatres of the Georgian period, this uproarious and visually stunning show features madcap puppetry, live singing and lashings of… ribena.

The Smuggler! is suitable for performance in any venue, including gallery spaces and libraries, and is ideal for audiences of up to 50 at a time (up to five shows per day!).

Toy theatre workshops can be arranged to run alongside performances.

Written by Beccy Smith
Devised and Performed by Darren East & Twydall Crumblepatch
Theatre designed & made by Philip Sugg & Amanda Davidson


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