Me & the Sea

Me & the Sea is a magical show of life’s transformations for audiences aged 6+.

And that was when I knew. That something was about to happen, and I couldn’t stop it. That the sea would change everything. Two days later, my Dad disappeared.

Have you ever wanted things to slow down, the world to stop changing, the sea to stop? Craig’s hot on the trail of his very own mystery but unfortunately his ‘evidence’ has a mind of its own. His investigation will take him far out to sea, down into the undergrowth and up into the starry sky on a journey that delves into fisherman’s tales, the amazing science of butterfly migrations and the secret places of our own hearts.

The production combines lyrical new writing with the company’s skillful blend of table-top puppetry, beautiful live music and energetic physical storytelling.

Our collaborators:

Foz Foster (Foster and Gilvan) and Hannah Miller (The Moulettes) provide an original sea shanty-inspired cello score;

Max Humphries has designed a world of wonderful puppets.