Human Remains

‘Puppetry and theatre are seamlessly merged while the sound design adds mystique and personality… A highly enjoyable lo-fi production that charmed the audience throughout.’ – Total Theatre

 ‘An intense reflection… including questions about what is real/unreal; the relationship between different narratives; the way in which character interacts with history. A fascinating experiment on how humans interact with the world through objects’ – Animations Online

When a young photographer inherits an unusual legacy, a strange obsession draws him into the past, and sets him on a journey to remember his present.  Provocatively blending fact and fiction, memory and imagination, Human Remains fuses object animation with rich images and movement to pull the story from history and free the secret life of things.

Human Remains is an original object theatre production that uses a curious collection of real legacy objects to tell the remarkable true story of their previous owner – adventurer and self-made Mancunian, Jim Tunstall. Prayer rugs become desert wastes, cassette players transform into hungry locusts and bow ties dance the tango in a show that follows one’s man quest to write his own history and wonders what relationships we hold to our belongings in a world full of Stuff.

Our collaborators:

Written by Beccy Smith
Guest directors: Rene Baker and Jamie Wood
Design: Paul Burgess
Sound design: Foz Foster
Light design:  Cis O Boyle
Devised and performed by Gilbert Taylor and Selina Papoutseli
with support from BAC.