‘Inventive, thought provoking and really quite heart warming’ ★★★★ 
– Latest 7

‘Object theatre that embraces and abuses form and functionality… visceral and incredibly moving, it is as resonant with those who have suffered with mental illness as it is with those who haven’t, and speaks to audiences with honesty and humour.’ – Animations Online

‘We are netted into a tempest of strange moments, and palpably raw and heartrending tenderness… Full of quiet action and exquisite detail… a very beautiful and moving show.’ – Total Theatre

Cassie’s had some bad news. She isn’t who she thinks she is.

She feels like she’ll never be normal. So she’s locked the door of her room, with only a goldfish for company.  And maybe she’ll never come out again. But someone else is knocking at the door, there’s a face at the window, and whose is that finger creeping round the bed-frame?

There’s someone here ready to fight for Cassie, but is she friend or foe? 

Headcase is a richly visual theatre duet, inspired by real-life stories of the courage, perils, comedy and downright strangeness of young people’s experiences grappling with their identities and states of mind.

Over the course of one long night we are locked with Cassie in her vivid and claustrophobic world, joining her in a battle for who she is and who she wants to be.

Our collaborators for Headcase are:

– Dance performer Yael Karavan (Derevo, Mamu Dance Theatre, Karavan Ensemble)
– Puppeteer-performer Annie Brooks
– Musician Hannah Miller of The Moulettes (‘prog folk’s most experimental troubadours’ – Latest 7)
– Designer Cordelia Chisholm