Little Monster! is a new puppetry adventure about facing fears and finding friends for 3 – 5 year olds and their families.

Twinkle Twinkle is a heartwarming adventure in melody and light, made especially for very young audiences by an award-winning team of artists.

The Smuggler! (20 minutes) is an original toy theatre show, developed in partnership with SuggDavidson toy theatre makers, for audiences aged 5+.


Spinning together lyrical new writing, vivid contemporary puppetry, rich video imagery and a beautiful original score, Blue explores a collision course between passionate conviction and the textures of the real world. 

Headcase is a richly visual theatre duet, inspired by real-life stories of the courage, perils, comedy and downright strangeness of young people’s experiences grappling with their identities and states of mind.

Faust [Redacted] is a new adaptation of Marlowe’s profound analysis of a man betrayed by the lure of hidden knowledge, and the powers that manipulate him and it.

Me & the Sea is a magical show of life’s transformations for audiences aged 6+.

Human Remains is an original object theatre production that uses a curious collection of real legacy objects to tell the remarkable true story of their previous owner.